Mat Pilates


A 45 min ground workout lead by a Certified Pilates Trainer.  This class focuses on breath, low impact isometric movements designed to provide better results.  You’ll use Pilates balls, rings, bands and light weights as your flow through class.  Muscles will shake, stretch, strengthen and ultimately thank you for providing your body with a solid and strong foundation.  This class also focuses on the mind body connection guiding you to improved balance, flexibility and uplifted spirits.  One of Kristin’s favorite classes and necessary for your overall health and wellness. Studying Pilates will provide you with the tools necessary for improved quality of movement and life. If practiced correctly it will help in relieving joint, body and back pain.  Make time for yourself.  This class is perfect for all fitness levels.  Modifications and personal feedback given in every class.

  • Currently unavailable

Pilates Reformer Class - GET REFORMED

Those seeking the purest sense of self and excellence. This intelligently designed spring based resistance training for deep muscle strengthening and development.  Reform your spine as you are are guided through an intense full body workout on the  Balanced Body Allegro 2 state of the art reformer. Reformers are designed to assist your body as we work to create balance and equal strength and mobility on both sides of your body.  Develop long lean and strong muscles that will support you in your daily life.

  • 45 minute class
  • $20/Class
  • Limited Space – 4 spots only
  • Reserve Online Only
  • Enter side entrance
  • Exit back entrance
  • Bring only keys, wallet, water
  • Bring towel to cover machine
  • 24hr cancelation

Pilates Reformer Class Times

  • Monday 5:30pm – 6:15pm
  • Thursday 5:30pm – 6:15pm 
  • Studio is closing September 1, 2020
  • Register online